Community Support

Looking for opportunities to be of service to others is a tradition at Dismuke & Waters, P.C. We understand that to whom much is given, much is expected, and further, that by enriching the lives of those around us, we grow as a firm and as individuals. Dismuke & Waters, P.C.’s investment and involvement in our local community and beyond demonstrates our core belief that we have a moral and professional responsibility to assist and serve those around us, especially with respect to those who are in need and unable to help themselves.

At Dismuke & Waters, P.C., you will find that both lawyers and staff participate in community service projects and fund-raising efforts. Outside of the office, members of our Firm volunteer and hold leadership roles within church, civic, and charitable organizations, as well as educational and cultural institutions.

Giving Back

At the firm level, Dismuke & Waters, P.C. invests in our communities by contributing to various charitable and non-profit organizations each year. Whether it is supporting the many worthy charitable organizations mentioned below, helping individuals and families in need, or sponsoring events for foundations and charitable organizations, we are committed to giving back in an effort to extend a helping hand to others.

Overall, Dismuke & Waters, P.C.’s continued investment and involvement in our own community (and in other less fortunate parts of the world as well) are integral components of a core philosophy and value system that believes we should seek out opportunities to be of assistance and service to others. Our commitment to these efforts enriches us as professionals, and adds breadth and depth to our perspective.


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