Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate TransactionsOur lawyers represent clients in all aspects of real estate development, transactions, and litigation. We provide clear, practical advice to help clients achieve their business goals, whether it involves a simple lease renewal, a complex refinancing, or a mixed use development proposal. In each matter, we define success the same way: by meeting the client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

While our attorneys are skilled and experienced in a variety of areas of real estate law, we don’t have the “tunnel vision” that unfortunately is common to many specialists. Business challenges rarely, if ever, can be segregated into the neat categories in which many specialists like to operate; often problems overlap several legal areas or are related to important issues outside of the specialist’s discipline.

“With a wide array of experience, we are able to unlock the mystery and complexity related to commercial real estate transactions.”

Our clients include national and international businesses, commercial lending institutions, high net worth individuals, closely held corporations, nonprofit institutions, commercial real estate companies, retail businesses, small business investment companies (SBICs), and family offices.

Our practice involves the development, acquisition, disposition, leasing, financing, and construction of industrial, commercial and residential real estate; real estate loan and partnership workouts, and foreclosures; zoning and land use; commercial and residential development; and real estate taxation. We also handle all types of litigation involving real estate.

While we perform basic legal work necessary to structure and close transactions, we also help clients identify and develop business opportunities. Through close working relationships, we hope to assist clients in meeting their goals and objectives beyond a single transaction.

Acquisition and Development.

We represent clients in the acquisition, development, construction, leasing and sale of office buildings, shopping centers, single-use commercial properties, development parcels, residential and multifamily properties, and mixed-use projects. Our engagements in this area include the acquisition and development of office buildings and suburban office parks, corporate office facilities, build-to-suit manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities and industrial parks, residential multifamily complexes, mixed-use developments in office parks, single-family residential subdivisions, retail developments, condominium conversions, medical centers, assisted living communities, and nursing homes.

We assist real estate owners, lenders and users in evaluating and structuring acquisitions, dispositions and leasing of properties and portfolios. Our experience includes all aspects of site acquisition, including title, purchase agreements, joint development agreements, reciprocal easement agreements, access agreements, all types of municipal agreements, surface rights waivers, drill site agreements, and developer agreements with municipalities for the site and access to sewer and water.

We work from the beginning with the developer’s engineers to develop a cohesive site plan to obtain approval from the municipality. We analyze the easiest way to obtaining zoning, land use approvals and highway occupancy approvals, and follow through to completion of the development. After construction, we work with the municipality to see that all required conditions for approval are met and that any operations issues are addressed. In addition, we often obtain zoning and land use approvals after a retail center is opened for specific purposes such as outside retail sales or garden centers.

Land Use and Zoning.

We help property owners and developers obtain necessary planning and zoning approvals, changes and permits, including representing clients in appeals before municipal zoning hearing boards and trial and appellate courts. In addition to land use and zoning approvals, we assist clients in obtaining environmental permits from federal and state authorities.

Real Estate Leasing.

Many business people consider entering into real estate leases or subleases to be “routine” transactions, and frequently they are. But leases may carry a variety of business and legal risks, and sophisticated clients understand that a well-negotiated lease can save time and money. Many lease and sublease transactions require an assessment and allocation of costs, benefits and risks. Our group has the experience, market knowledge and business savvy to help clients sort through the competing claims of leasing brokers, dense leasing documents, and complex construction and development issues. We also understand the need to negotiate and document the transaction quickly, while minimizing the client’s legal and business risks.

“If we can assist you with your real estate transaction needs, please contact us today.”

We are experienced in representing landlords and tenants in a variety of leasing transactions, including build-to-suit leases, turnkey leases, tenant improvement allowance leases, subleases, office leases, retail leases, warehouse and industrial leases, ground leases, and manufacturing facility leases.

Real Estate Finance.

Mortgage brokers, investment bankers and bank loan officers have at their disposal a dizzying array of financial products for the purchase and development of real estate. Every financing option, however, carries with it various costs, benefits and risks. Our group is experienced at helping clients understand and assess available options and decide which financing methods best suit their business needs. We also help owners and developers restructure and refinance borrowing entities, whether troubled or healthy. We help resolve disputes among partners or shareholders, and between the entities and their creditors or investors.


We represent unit owner associations and developers of residential and commercial condominiums projects. We serve developers by structuring condominium transactions and creating efficient and functional legal structures that satisfy the complex requirements of condominium law. We also advise numerous owners’ associations on matters of day-to-day condominium governance as well as issues involved in managing any large real estate project or business organization.