Frisco, Texas – November, 2015 – Dismuke & Waters, P.C. is pleased to announce the contribution of our firm to Headnotes, a professional publication of the Dallas Bar Association and an important source of professional development, community involvement and continui ...Continue reading ››

The age-old wisdom to begin investing early and diversify across asset classes dictates that time and energy should be invested not only where the money is now, but where it will be in the future – the emerging market. That is where future philanthropists, who may not have substantial financial gi ...Continue reading ››

“There are numerous questions and issues to consider when thinking about selling or transferring your family business to outsiders or to children. There are a lot of parents who have built successful businesses. They’ve put in long hours and have sacrificed a great deal. They are now at the poin ...Continue reading ››

The IRS has recently announced that they are working on a project that could impact many who hold assets in limited partnership form, especially if the partners of that partnership are family members.

In recent years when a family ...Continue reading ››

Unfortunately, Will and Trust contests are becoming more and more prevalent.  As the likelihood of litigation around estate planning continues to grow, so does our approach to ensuring your documents are honored.  First, the most common grounds for attacking Wills and Trusts are (1) lack of capaci ...Continue reading ››